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  Sunday, April 30, 2006
Hello Earth... I have been away. The past two months were crazy (ku-rey-yu-zee in Japaneese) I was on another planet working on so many commercials I lost count. Below are some stills for this Smart Broadband ad that I did, it was quite fun to make. I worked on so many other things but I still don't have a copy...

(click to enlarge)

I'm still very faithful to my Project 365 (in which I make one drowring everyday) and this one I drew last Wesnesday when I grew a red streak on my head... like a chikon! Buk-buk-bukaw!

It's my first time to ever have coror on my hair... my next will be green (guh-reen in Japaneese)

Here's a still on this other project I'm working on... I can't say what it's for yet but it sure looks cool doesn't it?

In other news I'll be making a new Kamikaze video... my first music video in ages. It's going to be kung-fu themed... our schedules just have to align... theyre such big strars now with bookingses & endrorsements and all... & to think we use to just feed their vocalist tapsilog so he would act in our little student projects... Mein Gott! it has been 5 years since I was last a student... how time flies on a jetpack....

In other news... this afternoon I got into an accident... well I caused it... sort of. I was in a cab & when I opened the door to get out POOM! a motorcycle slammed into it. Scary! Thankfully the guy was wearing a hemlet & a leather jacket so all he got was bruises, cuts & chestpain... nothing was broken & his brains stayed inside his head... I just had to pay for the emergency room bill & the property damage on the cab & his motorbike... a total of 7k... a small price to pay if you consider the fact that it could have been one super messy accident. Phew.... thank you Universe I am very lucky...

With my luck I would like to enumerate the good things in my life that I am thankful for...

01. family, friends & igans
02. health
03. pancake house
04. talent
05. career
06. comics
07. action figures
08. the ability to communicate with dogs

Thank you Lords , Jesus, Allah, Belzibub & Shiva.


Wednesday, March 08, 2006
If you frequent this blog (because my life is SO intresting) then you know that I am slowly very SLOWLY making this movie... it's taking so loooooooooong it hurts like rabid elves nibbling on your ear... anyhoo if it interestses yooo here is the music video/trailer of it : ) Tell me your impressions on the project & whatnot : )

In other video linky dinks... Natalie Portman as a badass gansta rappah (see it too beelive if you havent arleady!) This video was made by them fun loving kids of LonelyIsland. Natalie Portman is love. I have hearted her since she was 12 (that didnt sound right)... watch The Professional, her first moofie... is one of my feborit moofies of all time.

And miss Megan yes! I will make a Monkey Monk... all those asking permision to use a peice of my art on their site or whatever go ahead... my rule is as long as your not making any money off my art or is claiming it as your own then all is fine with meeee.


Sunday, March 05, 2006
Last night I watched Zsa Zsa Zaturnah Ze Musical with all my kids & it was superduperfantabulouseus! I have never laughed that hard for sucha long period of time... the show was roughly three hours & it went by in a zip... 80 percent of the time we was laughing... the rest of the time was just so you could breathe. Eaula Valdes & Agot Isidro is Hotness First... the shows supah star though was Mr/Miss Richi Chan as Didi. The musical itself is amazing & so witifully done (i know witifull isnt a word but thats how it felt for me) it is a great case study on how to work within your limitations & deliver a story... Zsa Zsa is a comic book & it was amazing how they were able to translate the attack of a 60 foot frog to stage.

For those unfamiliar...Zsa Zsa is about this gay parlorista who transforms into this super heroine... it's essentially Darna/Wonderwoman in drag. It's the funn-est comic concept to date.

I want to produce & direct the movie!!!! Haha fat chance... Regal owns the rights & theyd probabaly screw it up with faulty casting & 3rd world special effects.

This afternoon I will be on NU 107 to play my favorite local songs... mostly Eheads stuff & Francismsss....


Sunday, February 26, 2006
I'm currently in Malaysia (Truly Asia) for a couple of days to wow the natives with my headstand.

I wonder what they did with with all the "Tallest building in the world" merchandise now that the title holder is that building in China...

Anyhoo I heart Imogen Heap... she is the new Bjork for me.... Mmmmmmwhatyousayyyyy!


Friday, February 17, 2006

Been busy busy busy (as always) with commercial work, the above picture was from one of my shoots that involved circus characters and a bunch of celebrities... I have a bunch of great idears for music videos that I am itching to execute... I want to do typography & design on skin... kinda like a cross between Pillowbook & urban grafitti. The more work I have the fatter I get because I'm a stress eater... I feel so bloated at the end of the day. I want to run in a wide open feild with 500 duchsands.

Life is extra peachy lately... I just have this apreciation for everything lately... the food I eat, the air I breathe, the aliens i kill & the work I do... a reverse angst of sorts.

Someone wants to use my squeeky voice for a radio ad hahaha... that will be a new experience...receiving directions as opposed to giving them.

I think I'm investing in a little quiant restaurant slash healing place up in the mountains which will be ran my moneky monks... well not monkey monks but that would be cool...

I'm gonna go eat a platter of cheese crakers & cold cuts now... Santis! Yum!


Saturday, February 04, 2006
I'm sure you've heard about it by now... the stampede that killed 73 people... all because of the frenzy brought about by a noon time show anniversary.

73 people... mein gott... thats more people dead than any recent terrorist bomb attack in Manila....

73 people are dead & I'm sure all their families will get are funeral flowers & chump change. The people who run the show know their market... they know the frenzy they would create by offering those grand prizes & they should have properly prepared for it... now 73 people are dead because of their negligence.... and ABS CBN will walk away from this clean... because these people are too poor to prosecute. If one rich kid got injured in a rock concert or what ever posh event all hell would have been raised & the organizer could have been brought down & never work in this city ever. Sad Sad Sad....sigh Karma at least is a very strong force. I wish who ever the cheapskate that was responsible for this dies a slow & horrid death by paper cuts or very angry fire ants (carrying the souls of those who died in the stampede).

Woe Woe Wee.


Monday, January 30, 2006
Am I the only one annoyed with all this Paquiao-mania? Yes he is a great boxer but he isn’t a frickin national hero… to call him Bayani is to put him along side Rizal & Bonifacio… he’s a Las Vegas Boxer that people place bets on… he’s not Nelson Mandalla… he makes hundreds of millions for himself, he's not fighting for any cause... our country is so third world… you don’t see the British calling Beckham a hero or their president phoning him when he wins… ack… our stupid opportunistic government, glorifying human gambling pawns… do I have a point or am I Crab mentality-ing? For everyone’s sake I hope Paquiao does act like a hero… we need icons to look up to… I hope it won’t get to his head & he won’t shatter the masses adoration by beating someone up over a silly argument & leaving his wife for some cheap starlet or something to that effect. I just don't think it's right that a boxer carries national pride.

Maybe we should bet our country in one of his fights...

I heart Pancake house… it is my official comfort food. I heart the spaghetti & fried chicken & house blend ice tea & the waffleses. Yummm I am here right now as I make this blog entry.

Below is the step by step creation of my Darna Robitussin commercial… Darna is a cough pill addict.

Click to enlarge!

Below is a part of the commercial was cut out to give more exposure to the product (this after all is a commercial). I felt sorry for the kid because he had probably told his whole fourth grade class that he got to be with Darna & all the kids would gather around him during recess time as he shared his experience in commercial making & all the little girls loved him & the boys want to be his buddy & they all voted him for class persident… good thing the version of the commercial with him in it aired for like 2 days because we couldn’t get a schedule with the post house to edit them out.

In third grade I had this classmate who for like three weeks couldn’t stop talking about how he was part of this new Milo commercial & listened in awe as he told us all about the making… how fog machines smelled like juicy fruit… how long the shoot took etc… we imagined how the commercial was going to be… he was gonna be a supah stah! Turns out he was one of the 500 kids in the commercial & all we saw was his hair for like one tenth of a second.

Me am giant! Garrrrrr.... It was fun shooting this project... I'd have blogged sooner about this but I had to work on other commercials & negotiate a truce between warrior amoebas & ninja plankton.

Click to enlarge!

So it is the year of the Dawg… wassup dawg… it is a hip hop year. I was born on the year of the Sheep… meeeeh…

Bigtime is a wonderful indie film. It is what Pinoy Blonde wanted to be in terms of Filipino pop culture wit. Go watch it. I can’t wait to finish my own film project…


Saturday, January 21, 2006
In which I melt money like butter....

For the past three weeks I've been taken cared of by the commercial production houses that I was working with... meaning I absolutely did not have to spend... I get picked up at home, they feed me all day as I work & they bring me back home. I did not have work today so I fianlly had time to go to my dentist & watch Narnia (The Chronic-Whut-Cles of Narnia)... I withdrew 2400 pesos (thats a lil under 50 dollars) in the morning. Going to the dentist makes me feel like a newly bathed dog. I love it when my teeth are cleaned & I could feel all the little gaps between my teeth & I could squirt water like a water gun through my front teeth.... I digress... this entry is supposed to be aboot money. So I took Ada the 5 year old kid I live with to watch the mooovie since every other adult I knew has seen Narnia. When we got home I was surprised to see that onley a few hundred bills & some twenty pesoses was left... so I listed down my spendings for the day...

600 - Dentist fees for putting machines that go "Gzzzzzzzzt" in my mouth.
320 -Taxi fare from house to dentist to house to Greenhills to house.
320 - Movie tickets for me & Ada.
180 - Movie munchies consisting of Auntie Anne pretzels & lemonade.
180 - Merienda food... Jolibbee for Ada & Leching Teahouse Tause Spareribs (the shiznet) for meeee.

.... thats all I could account for... I dont really know where the rest went & me & Ada bought a bunch of toys at Toy Kingdom but I charged that to my card & it was something like 1200 for those tiny Marvel toys & a small house for Ada...whcih I chose coz the Marvel figures can crash there & watch tv & play with teddy bears & have tea... because Super Heroes dont just fight crime.


Tuesday, January 17, 2006
I just got a rather crappy copy of Mirrormask ... I watched it & loved it. It's exactly how I imagined it to be. I can't wait for the DVD which gets released on Feberuary. I wish it gets screened here so I could see it in the theatre because watching the little ugly mpeg was already a wonder what more so if it were viewed in all it's theatrical goodness.

The music of the movie was amazing... one aspect that I did not expect to be awed by. The visuals ofcourse were Dave Mckean-tastic & serves as an inspiration to grand independent non Hollywood productions. And ofcourse the story was great... one part Alice in Wonderland, One part Wizard of Oz... and one part Caroline. Pretty!

Stephanie Leonidas plays Helena. She is a super talanted actress & to think she did most of her acting against blue screen relating to creatures that weren't there. I heart her.


Have you people seen the music video of Choirboys? Mine God! It is five million billion times more disturbing than any Nine Inch Nails or Marilyn Manson videos. Imagine these three little faggots running in slow mo in a big cathedral singing a choir version of Tears in Heaven.... a gay pedophile Preists wet dream. Scary! Super scary! Who ever conceptualized this group is one sick motherfucker & I guess the world is filled with those so there is a market. Aaaaack. Que horror.


In other mundane news... I'm happy coz I got to jog this morning... & my Angel Locsin commercial is looking great. I'm also working on a fun aminated Talk & Text commercial... you know I done it once you see it.


Wednesday, January 11, 2006
Goodmorning Earth! I am in a decent mood because my headaches are almost gone & I dont feel so bloated. I made a rainbow in the shower this morning...can you see? can you see?

Project Aphid 365 is more challenging than I thought... I almost missed day 10 because I was working straight all day... I doodled when I woke up & colored at 11:45pm....

It says "in my dream I kissed a girl & her name was Bella"... I'm too lazy to scan so I just took a picture & on the right side which was cropped I listed down evrything I ate yesterday... 5 strips bacon, 4 crackers, one half tuna sandwhich, 6 slices pf cheese, 3 slices of peperoni & 5 bottles of c2 green tea.... hey that's a feat considering I was with a production house & I could have eaten a whole cow & a dragon.

The other day I had this commercial shoot & I must be really very nice... the other main talent backed out in the morning because the prosthethics he had to wear was giving him claustrophobia... instead of throwing a directorial fit I apreciated the fact that he backed out when we could still look for a replacement & not when the tedious costume was on him already... the shoot got behind schedule by 3 hours which balooned to 3 more because my assitant director took over the role (and I had to shoot with out an assistant).

Angel Locsin bless her... was early & was still nice despite the delay... we made her wait for nearly 6 hours. AND! She's the only person I've worked with that wiped her shoes before she stepped on the chroma blue floor... awwwwwwww! I'm in lurve.


Have you seen the new Drip video? The aminated one? It's beautiful & was eniterely done the old school way... hand drawn, frame by frame, no computers! Crazy! Over four thousand drawings by one person done in 8 months. Crazy!

Speaking of videos, I want to build a union of music video makers... to save this industry before it dies.... record companies are becoming too spoiled. Warner Music Philippines bids out projects with budgets of only fifty thousand pesos and expect three studies... the sad thing is there are people looking for breaks who are willing to submit. It isn't fair. That is is just abuse. For me it isn't about budgets mainly it's about respect. If you dont have that big a budget then don't be demanding... don't make people bid, don't ask for studies, don't ask for presentations, don't act like bosses.... be nice... do what you could to help. That's my set up with my record company clients. And I still do independent productions in which I myself spend if I like the music & the band can't afford it... I just think it's evil that people who can afford... don't pay. It isn't fair.... Music video makers whatchathink? Can we get together & do something?


Visit my friends blog... Cancer in September ... it's a rather humorous account of his current fight with cancer... so you angsty children (me included) count your blessings! Health is a privilage. Never ever ever phorget.


Saturday, January 07, 2006
Angel Locsin is a very beautiful creature.

We did costume fitting with her this afternoon (for this super cool project I'm shooting tomorow) & I think she is part firefly because she lit up the room... either that or she's radioactive.

Radioactive Girl!


Mine head hurtses, I think I'm harboring an alien in my head...

... the other night was our post holiday party... we had yummy food & special brownies... I'm too lazy right now to show you pictures.


I wanna watch The Chronic-Whuuuuut-Cles of Narniah!


Tuesday, January 03, 2006
Well hello twenty-oh-six.

Here are some pictures of Januray first spent in Soobic & Zambalesth....

Fire works in the sky.... kapooosh!

A tiny floor rainbow...very very rare....

Page one of Project Aphid 365... 364 to go....

With a point of a finger I made a hole in the sky....

Here are some non monumental stuff captured by my phone last year ... click to enlarge!

I read my last blog entry for 2004 and it was about me wanting the world to end... it's nice to know I'm a bit more optimistic this time around.

I respect life!

This year I will grow bat wings! And a prehensile tail!


Saturday, December 31, 2005
So today is the last day of twenty oh five.

Tommorow I will start "Projct Aphid 365" in which i will doodle something on my sketchbook everyday... it will be an abstract visual journal of sorts. You should do it too... it's a fun concept & quite easy to commit to. After all most evryone doodles evryday... it's just keeping it one sketchbook (or collating it all afterwards) thats the trick.

2006... wasn't it yesterday when we were all fearing that all civilization will crash because of a bug?


Monday, December 26, 2005
Today I taught my 5 year old god daughter to say "I see the world with keliedoscope eyes"... to balance out the angst phrases that I taught her (I figured start on the angst early so she'd be tired of it when she grows up). To date she knows "I wake up to a hollow life" & reapeatedly writes down "I'm lost!" on her sketchbook.

Have you ever looked at a baby's eyes... how they seem to be able to look past you? Like they see things we dont... I think when we are born, we understand EVRYTHING about the universe... every grand abstract concept... & we slowly forget as we get older and concern ourselves with the little trivial Earth matters instead.


Sunday, December 25, 2005

The University Circle is such a nice place to jog in anytime of the day... it's bestest on weekends though when there are no studentses. Yes I jog... almost everyday... it is my sorry attempt at physical fitness... physically fit, physically fit, physically, physically, physically fit!


So it is Christmas day... Baaaaaah humbug!

Christmas dinner was spent at my parents house. My brother brought along his wife's friend who was japaneese & in true inter cultural tradition we asked the etomology of each other's names... I said "Avid" means "flower warrior dragon" in Tagalog. She asked me what we were having for dinner & I told here that for Christams we eat children... homeless little children, we fry em, roast em & sushi em... for they are innocent & we send them to a better place & fill our tummies too. No she wasn't very weirded out... she after all met my brother first. I learned that her mother also didn't let her drink Coke or eat junk foods wgen she was a kid & our mom didn't let us too. Her mom's reason was for her health... which was our mom's too except on top of the usual health issues... we weren't allowed to drink Coke because it was a source of suffering in the third world (being a multinaional company & all)... imagine being six & you get socio political lectures when you ask for Coke. And it wasn't just Coke... it was McDonalds... television & all the other agents of American imperialism. I think I do the same to five year old Ada when she's watching that idiot show Pinoy Big Brother... I tell her it dulls ambition by glorifying feeble people who make mountains out of mole hills. I wonder how she will turn out.


What is there to do for New Year's eve? Can some fun group adopt me? I don't occupy much space & I could treat you all to drinks & pizza.

Last year i spent it on our 7th floor rooftop surrounded by fireworks screaming goodbyes to my hung ups... no it didnt work... I want to go to the moon or maybe eat some special brownies & just be too wasted to care about Earth.


Friday, December 23, 2005

Nothing sadder than breaking a newly opened toy : (

Jack Skellington was my Christmas Gift to myself & it broke a few minutes after it's liberation from it's packaging. I should blame faulty plastic manufacturing but it's the hoilidays & I am miserable & I will just think of this as another way of the universe picking on me : (


Thursday, December 22, 2005
This is from my friend's Blog... it cracked me up so I am posting it here...

With a successful string of indistinguishable revivals between them, Nina and MYMP have revealed plans to form a supergroup. In a strange development, the yet unnamed project will not only be a musical collaboration but a religious one as well. Combining their unequaled capacity for reviving things, Nina and MYMP have apparently discovered how to revive the dead. Their first major concert/prayer rally is in the works and for the occasion, audience members will be allowed to bring in their dead pets (all of whom will be re-animated to "Love Moves in Mysterious Ways").


Wapatooo! I hate Christmas & anyone who knows me knows that. I'm sorry, I was very busy & I couldn't cook up any special give aways for anyone this year... I gave Mark's & Spencer stuff to my clients for crying out loud... it's so funny, I get called up for gift solicitations of Christmas parties of companies I worked with... how grown up is that?

Generic Christmas greetings are being sent now through text... I hate those. Id rather greet people I care about one by one or not greet at all because it just isn't special to mass text.


I had recently added four people to my regular roster of post kids & they will now be a separate team working on my movie... so finally... progress! It's been nearly 4 months since we finished shooting that & we haven't really been able to touch it since because of all the commercial work that came in. I also got a group of Ateneans to help me out... I feel like a teacher showing these kids how to use their raw skills with my prefered sense of aesthetics.

I will continue doing commercial work (to fund my little indie movie team)... I'm working on a super duper kick ass commercial right now & I had miniatures built & were doing wire work... I'll show you kids that too once it's legal to do so. Funny thing was I was considered to make the same kind of commercial for competing brands using the same character/endorser... it was so weird to see similar storyboards from diffrent agencies.

Anyhoo... My movie will rock so hard (atleast I hope so, otherwise why use up all these resources & effort right?) are some art guides I did for the post team... come January I will have a Multiply site up for this to document our 8 month post production journey :)

And yes I am at still looking for more people to join us on this little endeavor (check the ad a few posts below).


Sunday, December 18, 2005
I never understood Starbucks in all it's years of existence. The concept of paying so much for coffeee or mocha frappes or whatever & how in my impoverished city people actually spend on it still. Bahhhh... triumphs of marketing....

I also don't understand Livejournals... & how friends would comment on each other's posts & discuss them in real life... "hey did you read my post on this on this" "yeah look I commented below" "oh yeah" am I the only one who finds the overlap of real live friends & online journals silly?

I haven't seen King Kong still... tomorow....


Saturday, December 17, 2005
Dear Lord Belzibub....

Why did you not give me musical talent instead? Why didn't I become a rockstah?

Ehe... I got to watch Urbundub last night & they were amazing as usual. We had to sit through a Sponge Cola set though... but Urbandub was worth the wait(I don't hate Sponge Cola by the way... it's juts not my kind of music... I hate Cueshe though & Orange Lemons...I hate them with a passion). I will definitely make an Urbundub video... even if it's from my own pocket... Urbundub & an Updharmadown... hey bands that start with "U" are great. Maybe their videos will have storylines that cross over... that will be diffrent two artists with connected videos... mnnn I will think a bout this...

It was nice to talk to this manager guy & band guy on the state of music videos. On how the budgets are getting smaller & smaller even if the record companies have the budget people agree to make videos for tiny amounts to build a reel which is a win win thing for now but will eventually kill the music video is practically dead right now... my generation of directors shot it with a 12 gauge because we were so eager to make kicks ass videos so cheaply just to break in... you can't make a living out of music vidoes anymore because there are more people willing to even go lower & make it better... thank God for TV commercial rates... no matter how mind numbing the process of making a commercial is we still get paid nicely & I could buy pizza & toys. My toys doesn't fit my house anymore... were moving to a new house... sooner than later I hope.

My office will grow in size because of the ad i posted... see below. Yay! More people to work on my movie & help me with commercials & music videos.


Did you know that Fergie of Black Eyed Peas use to voice Sally of Peanuts? I heart her 10 times more... so now when you buy a Sally toy, your'e not only getting a Peanut but a Black Eyed Pea as well! Hurray to peas... and world Peace as well!


I can't wait to shoot my new commercial this January... I had a minature provincial town made... I can walk around like Godzilla!



Friday, December 16, 2005
Yesterday afternoon Romeo (a cool director friend) texts me "Avid you bastard! You get celibrity babe & I get pig vitamins!" that cracked me up... this in regard to the current commercial projects weve been given.


I missed the Lantern Parade... I look forward to it every year & I missed it even though I live a stone's throw away from UP... we were all dressed up to go but we dilly dallied & then we recieved a text that the parade was over.... soooOoooo stupid. Anyway we went to Fine Arts anyway to see the dead floats & say hello to old Fine Arts people. The floats looked great I wish I saw them in action...

In the crowd I saw someone who I wasn't suppose to see & I tugged on my friends to go home... then she texted "was that you in yellow?"... I'm always in yellow or red or blue... I have a thing for primary colors. Anyway I replied "yes... so what happens now?" & she went "nothing happens". Ok that is that... but then she started ringing my phone & I wish my best friend was on this planet to give me advice or knock some sense into me... I took some sleeping pills to drift away & it took a long time to kick in & I replied to her a bit more till I dozed off.... cut to this morning. I am motherfucking disoriented... I feel like Im on special brownies... I'm clumsy & the world spins when I stand up.... those pills were stronger than I thought & in a few hours... I have an important meeting for this really cool project I was lucky enough to get... the energy drink I took better kick in... I don't want to mess up. Before when I was on pain killers (doctor prescribed... for my stress induced muscle pains, which I'm glad are gone) I'd always fall asleep in meetings or be very very silent when i should be the one doing all the explaining. Baaaaaaaaah....

Anyhoo today is a new day... hang ups be gone!


Wednesday, December 14, 2005
I haven't seen King Kong... I should... I'll watch it in Gateway mall in the cinema with the unlimited pocorn & lazyboi chair.

I'm going to start a project next year... I will draw one drawing evryday. That is 365 drawings. I wish I can be disciplined enough to follow that.. I don't even blog regularly... but I suppose drawing on paper is much much easier for me.

To evryone I know... I won't be giving out any presents this year because I am very very lazy & I don't like Christmas anyway.... I made personalized Christmas packets last year... there are stilla bunch that I wasn't able to give out... it's semi sad when you loose touch of people.... I wanted to give ou a dvd of music videos I did this year but I could only put like seven particularly good ones.... or maybe I'm jsut spaced out.

I dont have friends. Evryone is either too grown up or too retarded. Maybe thats just this evening. I sleep now.


Sunday, December 11, 2005
Below are some stills from this video i did for this new band called Wickermoss... I really liked their song so I took the time & effort to shoot away from a comfortable blue screen & do something organic for a change... watch out for this music video.....

click to enlarge.....


My 5 year old god daughter asked me how old I was & I asked her to guess... she said "12?"... that really cracked me up.

Yes I am 12... see all my toys?


Saturday, December 03, 2005
I will have this posted over at art schools that have multimedia courses next week...

The copy reads:

Rocketsheep is a tiny post based production group that makes commercials & music videos... we are looking for new kids with 3d skillsz & mutants with killer compositing powers.

Pleasing personality & knowledge in kung-fu is a plus.

Feeble skilled but hardworking interns are also welcome.

Send your resume to & drop your demo reel off (addressed to Mr. Avid) at the guard of 116 Maginhawa St. Diliman Q.C. Applicants must state artistic influences & the answer to the meaning of life. Cueshe fans are immediately disqualified.


I was at Eat Bulaga this afternoon... I sat between Melanie Marqeuz & James Cooper (the hair guy!) haha what an odd odd combination... of course they mis pronounced my name... I was asked to judge this contest thingee (because I make music videos)... had to wait nearly two hours & it sucked waiting & not knowing anyone... I should have pocketed a friend... but nothing annoys me more when Im busy & people ask me what time they will be done so I just stayed silent & didn't bug the talent coordinator anymore & just listened to music, though I really hated not being minded by the coordinators which I underrstood because I'm not a celebrity naman... anyhoo once they needed me it was fun naman... watching the female hosts make fools of themselves (Julia Clarete is hotness) & James Cooper was nice to small talk with (I couldn't talk to Melanie Marquez with out spoofing her... she after all is the icon of wrong language) we were done in a zip... I got a 10k honorarium for sitting down for 10 minutes and casting a vote... since it was effortless money I'm giving the money to charity : )

It was nice experience... thanks Kiko!


Thursday, December 01, 2005
I'm on a high on a high....

Rare moment that I'm happy... just wanted to write it down before it fades... evryone thinks I'm on crack because I'm hyper happy... got good projects today (yes I always have projects but I hate most of them) & I'm proud of myself... I want to keep this momnet in a shoebox.

Man I'm so giddy Spongecola doesn't even sound annoying. How cool is that... Oh pick up the new Urbandub album it's the shit is bananas! B-A-N-A-N-A-S!


Tuesday, November 29, 2005
I don't know why I forgot to post this... look little rocket tatoos! It's amazing how the colors translated so well to skin... thank you Miss Megan from which ever part of the planet you are : )

I broke my arm in 2nd year high school because I was a big fan of Mighty Ducks but wasn't a very talented skater. I wasnt able to draw for nearly 2 months & my bones healed wrongly because the stupid goverment hopsital that I was rushed to didn't set my bones right before putting on the cast... it's been a decade since....

I had forgotten that my arm is deformed till I saw this picture of me drawing a grumpy pig on Mia's back... that is Howard the duck by the way....

I can't turn my wrist because my bones healed in the wrong place... I can't do fancy flowy hand movements so I was never able to pursue a career in interpretative dance.

I like pita bread & hummus. It feels healthy.


Monday, November 28, 2005
I need new friends.


Thursday, November 24, 2005
Someone texted me that someone ripped of the Kitchie Same Ground video (Princess theme & textured enviroments) & to the texters surprise I replied "I did that you dork"... & I think the Kim video looks better because it's a year after & we do composites better though there are a lot of things I want to fix in it because we ran out of time & I'm lazy na to make a director's cut... I'll improve my next video na laang...

I like the album of Pussycat Girls... seriously! It's a great album... they are this generations Spice Girls...


Sunday, November 20, 2005
The 19th Philippine Ad Congress awards night... was very very very odd. I am still relatively new to the advertising world (well it's more of me not really caring & immersing) so I have no idea wether I'm the only one who found it odd that people who were judging the awards won awards themselves & that the tv ads, radio ads & othe collaterals for the Ad Congress won awards too... Maybe it's kind of like before at NU Rock awards the first year of Sandwhich's existence, they were suppose to be disqualified because two of the members worked in NU but then no one could deny how big a hit Butterfly Carnival was so it would have been unjust to not include them... but still... the Ad Congress Araw Awards giving an award to Ad Congress materials is kind of like watching a dog chasing it's tail.... anyhoo congratulations to the winners the Chowking rainy season ad was really really beautiful & showed how a commercial can be simple, hard sell and completely artsy all at the same time.


When I was waiting at the lounge of Watefront hotel the waiter aproached me & said "sir for paying costumers only you might want to move" & I just said "get me a menu" and I ordered something... I was so pissed but I didn't bother telling him off & slapping him with money. Thats the problem with our tourism industry... were not friendly to our own countrymen its so fucking dumb...if I where some white man with an icky opened flower shirt & short shorts then I wouldnt be bothered even if I were sleeping on a chair... but nooo the waiter automatically assumed that I was just a dirt poor kid as oposed to a someone who makes more money in a month than he does in a year... fuck head. I understand that we do have jolog culture but being ahotel employeee means being corteus to evryone & there was a more polite way of him to gauge wether I'm a apaying costumer or not (like politely asking "would you like to order sir?"). Stupid stupid stupid person.


Cebu is boring... I can't wait to get out & be in my own boring city... but hey it's home.


Saturday, November 19, 2005
I dont like Cebu. I want to go home and composite with After Effects & play God of War. It was a very very very very very stupid idea to go to the Ad Congress this late... alll the hotels are booked so my hotel is far far far away & I went on my own un sponsored by any production company which I thought was a good thing (I ofcourse don't want to owe any Production Company) because I could afford it anyway... turns out I have to be signed up to be able to enter a lot of things & I couldn't even pay for it... I'm so unprivilaged... such a stupid feeling. My hotel sucks... it doesn't have toothpaste & internet. Last night the closest internet place was this jolog internet cafe na puros libag yung keyboard & it smelled (smellt?) of kids persperation. Baaaaaaah. I'm in a decent internet cafe now... I miss wifi...


On other news the boss of Ivory records texted me how happy she was with the Kim video... we really did put in a lot of effort into it...wacth out for it.... I'm not so into the song but it it was nice practice for this visual style I'm developing.


My teacher friend asked me to judge these videos done by her high school students... I have a very very very hard time watching it because it's about their supossed adoration for Mary (the momma of J- to the esus) & the Catholic School kids are liars... "Mary inspires me" my asss! Mnnnn... still I have to look at the amount of effort that went into making the videos... I wish one kid had the guts to be honest on how watered down Mary's significance is these days... but then she'd probabaly get in trouble with the nuns...


This is from a recent "fan mail" .... Where you live Avid? Some draws makes me think that you live in a third world ... yes I am from the third world.... haha I wonder if tehree is a 2nd world? It feels like we live on diffrent realms... but yeah we do... in the first world evrything costs 10 times more & it's clean & uncluttered... it feels like Battle Angle Alita....

My friend Anne just passed the board, she's ecstatic... I know nothing about the law except of what I've seen on Alley McBeal & the practice. Congratulations Attorney Anne! If I ever go donw to your side of the palent I can commit crimes & you can defend me... woot!

My friend Manny just survived being opend up... the doctors had to take out stuff that were growing next to his heart... I told him to pretnd that he was a secret goverment project so the pain was at least sci fi cool.

That's all for now... I'm just killing time... I want to go home.


Wednesday, November 16, 2005
I cant seem to make it rain... I miss the rain....


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