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  Sunday, November 20, 2005
The 19th Philippine Ad Congress awards night... was very very very odd. I am still relatively new to the advertising world (well it's more of me not really caring & immersing) so I have no idea wether I'm the only one who found it odd that people who were judging the awards won awards themselves & that the tv ads, radio ads & othe collaterals for the Ad Congress won awards too... Maybe it's kind of like before at NU Rock awards the first year of Sandwhich's existence, they were suppose to be disqualified because two of the members worked in NU but then no one could deny how big a hit Butterfly Carnival was so it would have been unjust to not include them... but still... the Ad Congress Araw Awards giving an award to Ad Congress materials is kind of like watching a dog chasing it's tail.... anyhoo congratulations to the winners the Chowking rainy season ad was really really beautiful & showed how a commercial can be simple, hard sell and completely artsy all at the same time.


When I was waiting at the lounge of Watefront hotel the waiter aproached me & said "sir for paying costumers only you might want to move" & I just said "get me a menu" and I ordered something... I was so pissed but I didn't bother telling him off & slapping him with money. Thats the problem with our tourism industry... were not friendly to our own countrymen its so fucking dumb...if I where some white man with an icky opened flower shirt & short shorts then I wouldnt be bothered even if I were sleeping on a chair... but nooo the waiter automatically assumed that I was just a dirt poor kid as oposed to a someone who makes more money in a month than he does in a year... fuck head. I understand that we do have jolog culture but being ahotel employeee means being corteus to evryone & there was a more polite way of him to gauge wether I'm a apaying costumer or not (like politely asking "would you like to order sir?"). Stupid stupid stupid person.


Cebu is boring... I can't wait to get out & be in my own boring city... but hey it's home.
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so much angst. i always took you for a happy kid.
it's mid life crisis you seeeeee.... & I ddint have much angst growing up so I guess it just caught up : ) for what it's worth even when I'm grumpy I'm still percieved as a happy fun person but thats just because most evryone are robotses....
hey avid! i've been looking forward to meeting you (ever since the "heaven" video of nina!) and i found out too late that you were coming to my island! i could have showed you around, made your cebu trip worthwhile. as you can see, i'm an AVID fan (pun intended!) hope you don't mind me using your dorwing and the name! :) cheers to you cake boy/director/artist extroidinaire!
you inspire me and you're creations are incredibly wonderful!!! i hate waiters who never knows how to RESPECT...
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