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  Sunday, December 18, 2005
I never understood Starbucks in all it's years of existence. The concept of paying so much for coffeee or mocha frappes or whatever & how in my impoverished city people actually spend on it still. Bahhhh... triumphs of marketing....

I also don't understand Livejournals... & how friends would comment on each other's posts & discuss them in real life... "hey did you read my post on this on this" "yeah look I commented below" "oh yeah" am I the only one who finds the overlap of real live friends & online journals silly?

I haven't seen King Kong still... tomorow....
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filipinos have a thing for lavish spending. take fiestas as an example. maybe some just want to enjoy, or maybe others just want to show off. whatever make them happy.
been an avid reader. =)
just wanted to ask if you use HDV cams for your videos.
love love love your work.

Yesth...i use HDv... it rocks so a hard... HD for the masses!
i think my client was supposed to invite you to the opening of their production house. i think i saw your name on their guest list. but you weren't at the party. boo!
was psyched to meet you.

which Production House? Mnnn I dont really like parties because I don't drink therefore I get bored very very very easily : )
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