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  Saturday, December 31, 2005
So today is the last day of twenty oh five.

Tommorow I will start "Projct Aphid 365" in which i will doodle something on my sketchbook everyday... it will be an abstract visual journal of sorts. You should do it too... it's a fun concept & quite easy to commit to. After all most evryone doodles evryday... it's just keeping it one sketchbook (or collating it all afterwards) thats the trick.

2006... wasn't it yesterday when we were all fearing that all civilization will crash because of a bug?
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i like your april 2004 cover..
hape new year!

Haha the y2k bug..

Happy 2006!

The april 2004 cover likes you too, thank yooo.

Yes the Y2k bug... back then evrything was Y2k this Y2k that...

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