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  Thursday, December 22, 2005
This is from my friend's Blog... it cracked me up so I am posting it here...

With a successful string of indistinguishable revivals between them, Nina and MYMP have revealed plans to form a supergroup. In a strange development, the yet unnamed project will not only be a musical collaboration but a religious one as well. Combining their unequaled capacity for reviving things, Nina and MYMP have apparently discovered how to revive the dead. Their first major concert/prayer rally is in the works and for the occasion, audience members will be allowed to bring in their dead pets (all of whom will be re-animated to "Love Moves in Mysterious Ways").


Wapatooo! I hate Christmas & anyone who knows me knows that. I'm sorry, I was very busy & I couldn't cook up any special give aways for anyone this year... I gave Mark's & Spencer stuff to my clients for crying out loud... it's so funny, I get called up for gift solicitations of Christmas parties of companies I worked with... how grown up is that?

Generic Christmas greetings are being sent now through text... I hate those. Id rather greet people I care about one by one or not greet at all because it just isn't special to mass text.


I had recently added four people to my regular roster of post kids & they will now be a separate team working on my movie... so finally... progress! It's been nearly 4 months since we finished shooting that & we haven't really been able to touch it since because of all the commercial work that came in. I also got a group of Ateneans to help me out... I feel like a teacher showing these kids how to use their raw skills with my prefered sense of aesthetics.

I will continue doing commercial work (to fund my little indie movie team)... I'm working on a super duper kick ass commercial right now & I had miniatures built & were doing wire work... I'll show you kids that too once it's legal to do so. Funny thing was I was considered to make the same kind of commercial for competing brands using the same character/endorser... it was so weird to see similar storyboards from diffrent agencies.

Anyhoo... My movie will rock so hard (atleast I hope so, otherwise why use up all these resources & effort right?) are some art guides I did for the post team... come January I will have a Multiply site up for this to document our 8 month post production journey :)

And yes I am at still looking for more people to join us on this little endeavor (check the ad a few posts below).
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Generic Christmas greetings are annoying. Lalo na when they even put "---group" at the end of the message. Hahaha. It makes you feel special. Right.

Me too, I'd rather greet people I care about one by one or not greet them at all. Hehe. that enzo marcos?
hello! HOw can I help you out?
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Shits peicing together real nicely man... looks really great. Cant wait to check it out and cry from both joy and sorrow.

I is a horrible horrible flake.

hi..i really want to help you... hit me back soon ok? here's my email add
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