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  Monday, December 26, 2005
Today I taught my 5 year old god daughter to say "I see the world with keliedoscope eyes"... to balance out the angst phrases that I taught her (I figured start on the angst early so she'd be tired of it when she grows up). To date she knows "I wake up to a hollow life" & reapeatedly writes down "I'm lost!" on her sketchbook.

Have you ever looked at a baby's eyes... how they seem to be able to look past you? Like they see things we dont... I think when we are born, we understand EVRYTHING about the universe... every grand abstract concept... & we slowly forget as we get older and concern ourselves with the little trivial Earth matters instead.
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i totally agree with what you said.. when were born we get turned on by everything we see..
now we just turn from it for a while.. then pass away.

sometimes we're ditching out the things that mean the most while we're so preoccupied by the things that will dump us in the future.

"draw me a sheep!"
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Maddox is a nice nime fit for a Multiple man....

... and sheep? make a box... the sheep is inside with other party sheep : )

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