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  Wednesday, January 11, 2006
Goodmorning Earth! I am in a decent mood because my headaches are almost gone & I dont feel so bloated. I made a rainbow in the shower this morning...can you see? can you see?

Project Aphid 365 is more challenging than I thought... I almost missed day 10 because I was working straight all day... I doodled when I woke up & colored at 11:45pm....

It says "in my dream I kissed a girl & her name was Bella"... I'm too lazy to scan so I just took a picture & on the right side which was cropped I listed down evrything I ate yesterday... 5 strips bacon, 4 crackers, one half tuna sandwhich, 6 slices pf cheese, 3 slices of peperoni & 5 bottles of c2 green tea.... hey that's a feat considering I was with a production house & I could have eaten a whole cow & a dragon.

The other day I had this commercial shoot & I must be really very nice... the other main talent backed out in the morning because the prosthethics he had to wear was giving him claustrophobia... instead of throwing a directorial fit I apreciated the fact that he backed out when we could still look for a replacement & not when the tedious costume was on him already... the shoot got behind schedule by 3 hours which balooned to 3 more because my assitant director took over the role (and I had to shoot with out an assistant).

Angel Locsin bless her... was early & was still nice despite the delay... we made her wait for nearly 6 hours. AND! She's the only person I've worked with that wiped her shoes before she stepped on the chroma blue floor... awwwwwwww! I'm in lurve.


Have you seen the new Drip video? The aminated one? It's beautiful & was eniterely done the old school way... hand drawn, frame by frame, no computers! Crazy! Over four thousand drawings by one person done in 8 months. Crazy!

Speaking of videos, I want to build a union of music video makers... to save this industry before it dies.... record companies are becoming too spoiled. Warner Music Philippines bids out projects with budgets of only fifty thousand pesos and expect three studies... the sad thing is there are people looking for breaks who are willing to submit. It isn't fair. That is is just abuse. For me it isn't about budgets mainly it's about respect. If you dont have that big a budget then don't be demanding... don't make people bid, don't ask for studies, don't ask for presentations, don't act like bosses.... be nice... do what you could to help. That's my set up with my record company clients. And I still do independent productions in which I myself spend if I like the music & the band can't afford it... I just think it's evil that people who can afford... don't pay. It isn't fair.... Music video makers whatchathink? Can we get together & do something?


Visit my friends blog... Cancer in September ... it's a rather humorous account of his current fight with cancer... so you angsty children (me included) count your blessings! Health is a privilage. Never ever ever phorget.
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Hi again Mr. Avid.
Just wanted to ask you what kind of HD cam you guys use for your tvc's - and your short film na rin. You have your own?
If I win the lotto I will send you one because I "lurve" your work.

Your sentiment about Barbie's "Just A Smile" video is mutual. Gaaaaaahhhhsssstttttllllllyyyyyyyy.

For my little film project I used the Sony HDv... for commercials I use either Panasonic or Sony HD I don't own any cameras because HD costs millions & there still isn't any HDv that is good for live shoots (though it's perfect now for chroma work)... why all the tech questions? And thank yooo in advance for when you win the lotto.
I'm part of a small post-prod company based in QC. We're planning to invest on a camera since a lot of the clients have been looking for one. Clients are small network shows and specials. Research is draining my head already because of all the techie stuff.
Going rate of camera rentals in Makati is pretty steep so we plan to rent it out at a very reasonable price.
I have a couple of friends who do tvc's who know you. I've told them I find your work fascinating.
Me wants to be like you but talents stopped developing when I was 5. Probably choice of milk.
Sorry if I ask too much questions.

Curious and eager to chance upon the Drip video, sometime soon -- now that you've mentioned it. Did you and and your flock made it?
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