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  Tuesday, January 17, 2006
I just got a rather crappy copy of Mirrormask ... I watched it & loved it. It's exactly how I imagined it to be. I can't wait for the DVD which gets released on Feberuary. I wish it gets screened here so I could see it in the theatre because watching the little ugly mpeg was already a wonder what more so if it were viewed in all it's theatrical goodness.

The music of the movie was amazing... one aspect that I did not expect to be awed by. The visuals ofcourse were Dave Mckean-tastic & serves as an inspiration to grand independent non Hollywood productions. And ofcourse the story was great... one part Alice in Wonderland, One part Wizard of Oz... and one part Caroline. Pretty!

Stephanie Leonidas plays Helena. She is a super talanted actress & to think she did most of her acting against blue screen relating to creatures that weren't there. I heart her.


Have you people seen the music video of Choirboys? Mine God! It is five million billion times more disturbing than any Nine Inch Nails or Marilyn Manson videos. Imagine these three little faggots running in slow mo in a big cathedral singing a choir version of Tears in Heaven.... a gay pedophile Preists wet dream. Scary! Super scary! Who ever conceptualized this group is one sick motherfucker & I guess the world is filled with those so there is a market. Aaaaack. Que horror.


In other mundane news... I'm happy coz I got to jog this morning... & my Angel Locsin commercial is looking great. I'm also working on a fun aminated Talk & Text commercial... you know I done it once you see it.
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