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  Friday, February 17, 2006

Been busy busy busy (as always) with commercial work, the above picture was from one of my shoots that involved circus characters and a bunch of celebrities... I have a bunch of great idears for music videos that I am itching to execute... I want to do typography & design on skin... kinda like a cross between Pillowbook & urban grafitti. The more work I have the fatter I get because I'm a stress eater... I feel so bloated at the end of the day. I want to run in a wide open feild with 500 duchsands.

Life is extra peachy lately... I just have this apreciation for everything lately... the food I eat, the air I breathe, the aliens i kill & the work I do... a reverse angst of sorts.

Someone wants to use my squeeky voice for a radio ad hahaha... that will be a new experience...receiving directions as opposed to giving them.

I think I'm investing in a little quiant restaurant slash healing place up in the mountains which will be ran my moneky monks... well not monkey monks but that would be cool...

I'm gonna go eat a platter of cheese crakers & cold cuts now... Santis! Yum!

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wow i would love to see you put monkey monks down on paper in colour. i can envision the amazingness. - megan, rocket lover
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