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  Sunday, March 05, 2006
Last night I watched Zsa Zsa Zaturnah Ze Musical with all my kids & it was superduperfantabulouseus! I have never laughed that hard for sucha long period of time... the show was roughly three hours & it went by in a zip... 80 percent of the time we was laughing... the rest of the time was just so you could breathe. Eaula Valdes & Agot Isidro is Hotness First... the shows supah star though was Mr/Miss Richi Chan as Didi. The musical itself is amazing & so witifully done (i know witifull isnt a word but thats how it felt for me) it is a great case study on how to work within your limitations & deliver a story... Zsa Zsa is a comic book & it was amazing how they were able to translate the attack of a 60 foot frog to stage.

For those unfamiliar...Zsa Zsa is about this gay parlorista who transforms into this super heroine... it's essentially Darna/Wonderwoman in drag. It's the funn-est comic concept to date.

I want to produce & direct the movie!!!! Haha fat chance... Regal owns the rights & theyd probabaly screw it up with faulty casting & 3rd world special effects.

This afternoon I will be on NU 107 to play my favorite local songs... mostly Eheads stuff & Francismsss....
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hello po. i would just like to ask permission if my class could use some of your drawings for our class site? we'd link it back to your site and include you in our acknowledgements. :)
ei,, heard u in NU last sunday... hehe.. astig ung mga choices mo ng songs ah,, and u've got a cute voice too! wahaha.. u're really the NEXT BEST THING!! ayos!
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