Nobody ever asks to grow up. as much as I refused to, I did.

I don't think I am a very skilled artist or writer but I draw & I write what I feel. I do not have very deep mind boggling feelings. I know my own world very much & a little bit of the world outside it. I use to want to rule the world.

I like Astroboy. I like cake.

I like the works of Gaiman, Mckean, Mack, Keith, Milne, the french guy who made Little Prince and Bill Waterson.

I love the music of the Eraserheads, Beatles, Alishas Attic & Moonpools & Catterpillars.

I like rain when I'm indoors. I think a lot when it's the full moon. I get lonely in big crowds. Most of the people I deal with are either mean or stupid. I treasure those who aren't. I hate people who think they are smart, even if they are.

I'm 25 years old. My full name is Avid Liongoren. I direct comercials & music videos for a living. You may check out what I do in the real world over here (though it is quite outdated).

I can do headstands.

I am very bad at spellign.

email: | YM: avidliongoren